Burmese Pea (R) Peanut Butter for Lay Dermatology

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Pea Raya is a medicinal herb. Some people call it Raya. There are also differences in terms of location. When it is directed to a friend of a patient in Rangoon and below, he does not know what he is. He said he could not be found.

When sent from Mandalay, it is the same as white beans eaten in Yangon. When the writer asked to buy mung bean and black bean, the Indian bakery was the first white bean in India. It is known as red bean because of its bright red color.

Foods that come from India are usually red. Yes. In ancient times, ginger was imported from India. Chiang Mai is not yet established in Burma. Chins from India are white. They called it the “Ship Chips”. In fact, it does not prevent gout from decaying. It is white as it is sprayed with lime juice.

Chiang mai is widely cultivated in India, not India. But Bengali (meaning Chin from India) is still being bought at a pharmacy. It is similar to a Chinatown from India. They are dried and dried, sprayed with lime, and made for sale. The Burmans are addicted.

So there is a tendency to use the new in a random way. Also, white beans are sold as red beans. It is important to note that when the water is dissolved, red remedies occur. Not just food dyes, Because pesticides are commonly used cheaply, the side effects may be affected by the red bean.

Instead of eating peanut butter (peanut butter), it’s safe to think that it is safe. In fact, the bean is very medicinal and beneficial for the person. It is an effective dietary remedy for any common joint pains and leg cramps. But you can’t just eat one day at a time. It is also a powerful nutrient for hypertension and osteoporosis, which is common in Burmese women.

Women are the most likely to die from the age of 46 to 48, while some die in their 50s. Especially the women who live in the tropical regions of Myanmar are often bloody late. People who have died after the age of fifty or more have suffered from osteoporosis, according to the Western medical concept. Doctors say the condition is called arthritis.

The traditional medical concept is that when blood is lost, the air in the digestive system replaces the blood and the stomach becomes disturbed. These are the warm air that transforms into a breeze, which spreads throughout the body and causes pain. In ancient times, the Burmese used the herb for a hot air medicine to suppress the hot air. Five kinds of mustard; They often take a dip in the tea with a stick.

It is a remedy that can prevent bleeding and cervical bleeding. Tungsten is widely available throughout Burma, and even when grown at home with vases. Medicines for acne and not just arthritis. I want to tell you about Pea Raya. The name of the bean is known as the king of beans, but in ancient times, the medicinal plants were often added to the tree. Bama Rama is the king of the trees of the earth. High blood pressure medications have been released from the bamboo tree.

When I was studying in the science of traditional medicine, one of the trainers compared two of the common beans. Both of them are about the benefits of kale and beans. From a medical point of view from India, cautious and lunar foods are distinguished. Caution is heavy, and the moon is light, and light food is a nourishing, nourishing food.

It strengthens the joints, but strengthens the joints. In contrast, food that is thought to be the opposite of the moon does not greatly enrich man. Though not strong, it is easy to cry. Easy digestion. Easy to digest. The joints cause lightness. Kale is a careful dish. It strengthens the eater. In the Tatmadaw, soldiers often fed kale to encourage the soldiers. It strengthens the joints.

According to Western Nutrition Research, kale contains a lot of protein. It is a meat-based bean. Even vegetarians can eat a full range of meat. However, there is a rash. It is not advisable for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The joints can be tightened. It is also not suitable for people with arthritis.

Conscious foods are sleepy, so drivers should not eat kale. Also, students who are close to taking the test should not eat kale. Bean Red beans The white bean is the opposite of the cane. The moon, and the glory, It is lightweight, so it is easy to digest. Want to sleep I have no appetite; There is no contraction; There are no complications of constipation.

Four He has cured many arthritis sufferers. Four Syphilis Gout diseases are extremely difficult to cure completely. Instead, it is very avoidable. Even when the weather is bad, the disease recovers. Some people have joint pain when cold. Some people get arthritis when it’s hot. Sleep paralysis can also lead to coma.

In western medicine, blood tests are measured by A.S.O elevation and Gout. Eyes, legs, In the joint, the knee is usually measured with a Uric acid for gout. One time, however, one of the author’s patients appeared to be recovering from a relapse of gout, which was avoided. Not only the baby, but also the baby. I don’t eat any meat. Foods that cause irritation. Pea Peanut Butter I love you! Sausage, he said, was eating red meat, avoiding it altogether.

2 days on topical lotion; Three days after applying it, it did not light. When asked what food he was eating, he said that he was eating a daily serving of lettuce. The author suggested that he be encouraged to try the red bean sprouts, and that he would be better off after changing the week. It is also recommended that a person who has been taking Pan V Western medicine for about a month be given a dose of the soup. He also said that the pain in the chest was relieved when the sun was hot.

I think it would be a lot better if peanut butter would last longer. It is not recommended to eat only vegans. These four types are blood-borne diseases, making it difficult to identify. However, I would recommend that you take a regular diet and take a regular diet. There are many diseases that heal with nutrition. There are various kinds of diseases, not infections.

However, it is also difficult to cure. If the disease goes bad, the job will fail. It can be a bad thing. There is no specific remedy. Luck Mind The sun and the moon It is only good to live a balanced diet. This is the case with Pea Razar. Red beans I would like to try the white bean diet. If there are people who are relieved, it is a pleasure to be virtuous.

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