Even ripe fruit that can fight infection

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Write down what health nuts contain and how they should be used.

1. Raspberry juice Most of the ripe fruits contain alkaloids, which are caused by high blood pressure and high blood pressure. Peace of mind, There are also effects of reducing inflammation. Therefore, ripe leaves are used in medicine in most countries.

2. The flower of the ripe flower is a little soothing and soothing to sleep. Pomegranate is often used in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and is easily used in the treatment of depressed children. Cholera Insomnia It is believed to be helpful in treating gastrointestinal tract and gastrointestinal problems, as well as relieving mood disorders.

3. Researchers at the University of Florida have found that the yellow-orange extract can kill cancer cells. The mitochondrial phytoplankton are carotenoid and polyphenols and have anti-cancer effects.

4. According to a study by a pig and his colleagues, eating a variety of purple ripe peppers reduces the symptoms of asthma. In a study of 42 patients who had eaten purple pineapples, they found a 75 percent reduction in mucus and respiratory rates.

5. It can be eaten in this way as well as in the juice. One cup of ripe figs (1.6 g), and half a pound of figs. Protein (5.5 g); Vitamin C (55 g) and vitamin C; Vitamin A and Vitamin A Potassium It is rich in iron and fiber. This is because of the high nutritional value of the day. Muscle tension It relieves headaches and insomnia.

6 The antioxidant vitamin C in ripe fruit can protect your body from heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C improves the immune system and helps with healing wounds.

7 Vitamin A in ripe fruit can fight infections and improve vision. It can also prevent cancer and heart disease.

8 Potassium in ripe fruit is a salt that can balance the fluid system. Potassium can be reduced by high blood pressure, increasing muscle strength and reducing arthritis.

9 The iron content in ripe fruits increases energy levels, improves sleep, and improves the immune system. It also improves the oxygen supply in the blood.

10 The fiber in ripe fruits prevents constipation and reduces bad cholesterol and blood cholesterol.

11 Studies have shown that apple juice can slow the growth of cancer cells. This is because the mitochondria in the ripe fruit can reduce the growth of cancer cells.

12 The phenolic acids and fluorine in the fruit also provide heart-protecting activities.

13 Ripe fruits are high in carbohydrates and simple sugars, which are good for athletes.

14 Ripe seeds contain a lot of fiber. Drinking a refreshing drink before bed can help you relax and make you sleep better.

15 Regular consumption of ripe juice can maintain weight.

16 Drinking a glass of ripe juice makes your face glow.

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