Let’s take the antacid for prevention of infectious diseases

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Use the whole herbal medicine

Let’s take it in advance to prevent the spread of infectious diseases


When the leaves are cooked, they bleed. It makes you angry. If the leaf is eaten with garlic and pepper, the menstrual cycle is quite normal. Excessive heat illness. It also helps to relieve excess heat, such as a sore throat.

If the young leaves are fried, the soreness is gone. Mixing the leaf juice with milk leaves the urine. The leaves are made of fish. When fried, fry in onions. If you eat garlic and soup, it relieves a large amount of drowsiness.

The flowers

If the shrimp is eaten with dried shrimps, then there is the need for a slow cooker. Nausea, tingling, and numbness It helps to relieve scarring. Increasing the strength of the flower by melting butter, eggs, and fries. If the flowers are fried with goat meat, the air will not break.

When the flower is fried with parmesan butter, it strengthens the body. If the flower is eaten with milk, it is given to the body to nourish it. If the powder is powdered and the honey is consumed, it can be relieved. If the flowers are fried with coconut milk, the strong ones will be full.


Eating too much can cause children to become weak.


Dip the pineapple with a sliced ​​spoon, and it is easy to digest. Relieve the poison. Cooking with tomato sauce is a delight. It is strong when fried with fish eggs.

Eating fried eggs is easy. Eating fresh fruits can cure arthritis. If the fruit is eaten with powdered sugar and sugar, the disease is gone.

The root

If you drink a tablespoon of dandelion juice, you can hear the noise, the noise, and the noise. Heals the vocal cords. Mixed with root canal and ginger juice can be cured. Diabetes mellitus can be cured if taken in combination with root canal.

Combined with the root powder and the Pranavonga powder, the coconut milk, almond milk If you drink a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of steamed steak, it will give you full strength and longevity. One root can be boiled in three cups and one tablespoonful of 7 tablespoons of stainless steel. Dandruff is lost by rubbing the seed in the mouth. The property of Daphne is to make milk and semen.

The leaves of the young lions, The flower Fruit If you eat it or take root, you can use iron, turmeric, cinnamon, and cinnamon. It has been shown to be effective in preventing infection and infection.

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