Medication for lifelong asthma

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For people with asthma, a good remedy that will last a lifetime. An old man from Meiktila had been suffering from asthma for two years, often talking a day in a crowded, boiling water jar, salty and eating daily.

It seems that the comfort of living while eating. Therefore, he went on a daily diet of energy and continued to recover and, after three months, appeared to be completely healed. It’s easy to eat. Peanut sauce is boiled in salted water and salted and eaten as a soup.

Eat a glass of milk every day. After 4 months, note that the tooth is completely healed. There is no need to take any other medicine.

“Another Way of Magic”

Let’s talk about a good medicine. There are also people who have gone away for the life of a spirit medium. Apply the tamarind powder in a glass of honey and mix in 2 tsp of honey with 2 tsp. Add 20 tsp butter and stir for 4 days. Take a spoonful twice a day, two times a day, and a cup of hot water every day after 7 days.

Asthma has disappeared. Is an ulcer. He is healed. You will see that the human body is fully developed and that it does not freeze. U Thant Thar Thar, a Buddhist monk living in border area.

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