Medicine for three types of quadriceps

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There are three main reasons for a quadriceps problem

No.1 Cervical fibrosis (which can cause permanent coronary heart disease)

No. 2 blood clots (joint pain may be curtailed and it cannot rise)

No. 3 Dermatitis (skin ulcers that cause kidney damage)

Anesthesia and anesthesia you have just seen


5 statues of five statues

(2) Mustard Oil (1) Bottle (Ovaten Glass)

(3) teaspoons (1 teaspoon of tea)

Five butterflies in a glass of mustard oil; 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil; Add a little salt, cover and set aside for 3 weeks. It is applied to the affected joints and applied to the wound (3) 4 weeks. It helps ease the pain of suffering.


25 year old razor blade

One bottle of honey

(5) kyat (powdered milk) can be bought in powder form.

The three of them are mixed together and one tablespoon of tea is eaten each night. Boiling Chinese flower as an antidote and chewing gum twice a day; Make a soup and eat raw vegetables. While traditional medicine should not be tolerated, English medicines should not be used. If the disease is young, it can be cured. The disease will gradually lead to healing.

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