People who eat chili peppers live longer than others

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Controlled chilli may reduce the risk of premature death. It’s good news for those who like to pack. People who eat too much say: Gastric ulcer. The acne is usually reduced. What everyone does not know is that lovers have a longer life expectancy.

Those who find it particularly bitter in their mouths have proved to be much longer than others. Although it is not officially recognized as a super food, it has been associated with a significant reduction in body weight and weight. It has a good immune system. It is also accepted as an antioxidant.

The latest study has included the fact that life is longer. If you do not have access to the server, Researchers at the Department of Medicine said that regular consumption of controlled peppers reduced the risk of premature death by 13 percent. Research has shown that lower levels of the acid in control chili are lower. It also prevents sudden cardiac arrest and stroke.

The result is a result of 23 years of research on more than 1,600 Americans. The participants were asked to eat the peppers daily, and the results were positive. People who regularly ate for 23 years had a 21.6 percent lower mortality rate than non-vegetarians. However, when we look at the results, it is not clear what causes the longevity, but it is due to the original Capsaicin in chili.

Capsaicin helps in digestion, which helps break down inflammation and boosts digestive properties. It can prevent coronary artery disease and prevent obesity. So next time you can eat chili peppers without worry, you can eat it yourself.

When it comes to peppermint, I recommend eating fresh, green chives rather than the more dangerous ones. When peppers are substituted, you may need to warm them up before eating. It is best to eat it in boiling water or boiled in boiling water.

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