When to eat banana and its benefits and side effects

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Bananas contain an important source of potassium. The potassium in bananas can improve the health and thus prevent alcohol poisoning. To maintain normal blood pressure, maintain a healthy heart, To prevent vascular clogging, To strengthen bones.The banana salt is very low in banana, so it is very low in sodium. Heart disease Hypertension; Bone disease No strokes.

Bananas are rich in fiber called probiotic fiber. This helps prevent colon cancer and colon cancer. Probiotic fiber reduces the absorption of minerals and helps to balance blood sugar. Recent research has shown that women who consume four to six bananas a day can reduce their risk of kidney cancer by half. Bananas form an anti-acid coating on the wall of the stomach and the protease inhibitors contained in the stomach.

It removes the harmful bacteria and prevents gastric ulcer. The banana amino acid Tryptophan makes it possible for serotonin to produce sleep apnea and not to starve. It helps to reduce depression. It strengthens blood and protects against heart disease. Strengthens bones – Strengthens the immune system.

Eating bananas may reduce your cravings for smoking. For men, menopause can reduce the likelihood of menopause. It improves brain intelligence. It helps to relieve fever caused by body heat. Red bananas (bananas) protect the heart against certain types of cancer and also help to red blood cells, such as vitamin D.

1: Eat avocado to prevent stroke

Fruits high in potassium can lower blood pressure. People who eat foods rich in potassium have a 24% lower risk of stroke. Potassium does not affect the kidneys. One banana contains 420 milligrams of potassium. The daily potassium requirement for a single adult is 3,500 milligrams. Eating more bananas and avoiding snacks such as fries can reduce salt intake and reduce stress. Spinach also contains a lot of potassium. It controls pressure and protects against wind.

2. – Peanut butter and bone broth

To reduce the swelling of the legs, lighten the banana by baking and eating. Vitamin K is needed for 3 days, leaving it discolored. By the age of 40, bone marrow is weak. Marriages are worse. It may be that men are more likely to become obese when they are exposed to bone marrow. Outbreaks are more susceptible to outbreaks and are less prone to anemia. Easy remedy: Bake a banana in a pan and stir in two servings of puree. Eating 7 times a day will bring you refreshed.

3. Banana and skin cancer

Bananas can treat skin cancer. Bananas can be used as a skin cancer treatment for cancer patients, according to German-based medical research. Bananas are found more often in dark-skinned bananas. Stage1. Stage 2. “There is a much greater chance of healing if stage 1 is identified and treated at Stage1.” Skin cancer is the leading cause of cancer cell death and has not yet been completely cured. Bananas have been found to kill skin cancer cells, and eating bananas regularly protects against skin cancer.

4 – Banana Banana

Insulin is given to diabetics. It can eliminate stress. It removes the bad cells. Improves digestive system It prevents the spread of infection. It gives the mother breast milk. It makes good new cells. It prevents the aging process.

5. The health of banana peel

1) – The insect insect bites smoothly with a banana inside.

2) – Reduces the browning of the inner lining.

3) Whitening – One week to whiten your skin with banana skin.

4) acne. Skin tightness. Itching every night, rub it in the banana skin.

5) – If there is a thick reddish rash on the skin, rub it twice a day with the ability of hydration to banana.

6) – Put the banana peel on the forehead.

7) – First rub with a banana peel and rub with a cloth.

Banana side effects

There are many types of bananas – bananas are cold. There are many benefits to health and beauty. Low-calorie fruit does not contain bananas, but the average banana contains 105 calories. Calories 62 calories in 1 eggplant 45 calories in 1 bowl 62 calories.It can be dangerous for anyone who has problems with their lungs, asthma, weight loss, headache, tooth ache.

Do not eat banana while under stress. It can cause constipation and respiratory problems. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine say bananas, if you have frequent headaches, avoid bananas. Cheese. One type of tyramine found in fish meat is about 10 times more in the skin than bananas. It can cause headaches.

It is rich in calcium, which can cause tooth enamel and tooth enamel damage. Bananas may have a greater impact on oral health than chocolate. Cactus is slow to break down in the mouth and sugar quickly dissolves. If bananas are eaten, bananas can stick to the gums for up to two hours.

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