Why girls break up with their boy

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Why girls break up with their boy

Girls are more likely to be found when it comes to love. Even though girls love how much they love them, they often respond decisively. And even when they feel loved, they often leave behind.

When she was pressured to change her personality

Girls are often ready to change anything for the person they really love. But they do not change anyone’s command. When they do things that force them to change, their patterns tend to disappear and disappear. Love is because they feel that it is not the way they want to be treated, but that they accept what they are.

They are often compared to others

It can be very frustrating when your loved one is constantly comparing yourself with someone else. The way a woman lives and how she looks. Because when you compare yourself with the way you talk and behave It seemed like I was just enjoying the other girl and not being proud of myself. When faced with these kinds of things, girls are reluctant to break up even in love.

No respect

Whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend No matter how close you are, whether you are a friend or a family member, the relationship is permanent. He is my son, He wants to say ‘he is my girlfriend’. It is not okay to behave as you wish. Girls who hate this kind of disrespectful relationship often turn out to be disrespectful.

I feel like you are one-sided in the golf course

If the relationship between two parties is warm and friendly, the relationship can be long-lasting. This relationship can never be warmed when the lover is completely inattentive to his or her own care. This is what happens when a lover has cold blood and forgets to take care of him or her.

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