If you are married (for girls)

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I had no luck with myself and him. And it’s a simple and intuitive way of figuring out how to get along with it. Look at all the dates of your birthday. The last one is the answer. Let’s take a look.

Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say 23.4.1991 is your lover.
Your birthday + Your beloved birthday = Answer

23 + 4 + 1991 + 14 + 7 + 1992 = 4031
Answer on two birthdays

4 + 0 + 3 + 1 = 8

The answer is 8.
It’s clear. Let’s try it out …

Answer: 1

The first thing you get is that you love him and give him life, but for him, it’s like a bus stop that breaks up and breaks. He is happy when he is with you, but that happiness does not always get there. It is because his deceitful character is always looking for someone better than you. So the chance to make his last love is like a monkey falling on a tree. If the next bus comes to him, he will not be hesitant to go up at once, nor will you even have a chance to re-tell you how and when you will be left.

Answer: 2

(2) He who loves you and he loves you. But love is born of hate. If you were to stay the same, you would be watching boxing as well as doing it everyday. The bras are different from each other. If one grows up, the other will not give up. Even so, you don’t have a three-door shop yet. If one day he tells you to just stay away for a while, then understand him. He does not love you. Let’s just give them some time to understand each other

Answer: 3

3) WoW! In the end, you find the real thing. The meeting between the two of you can be called a waterfall. Anyway, that’s the same thing. What is your attitude? Love, filth, Plentiful; It’s crazy. So when you meet him, you are looking at yourself. No matter what your taste, your love is solid. When you look, it is heart-touching.

There is one thing. You need to be careful of yourself. He is tired of you. So you are looking for better love. In the end, you will know that no one is better than you, your sweetheart. You never know. Then it will be too late.

Answer: 4

(4) The recipient is like a glue stick. How to Get Away With It It looks like you don’t know how to get through life. You too are not afraid to express your affection for your neighbor. So don’t go there. This is not the case. Best of all, it is best for you to work with each other and solve the same problem. If not, one of you will find something new and your story will end.

Answer: 5

(5) The recipient is you and his / her love is bloody love. The real love that comes with being a mafia is when the mafia is involved.

No matter how dangerous you are in the path of love, you truly understand each other and truly love each other, and the two of you are no longer in love. They have become one leaf. Life and love are at stake. Do not doubt that you are not his last love. Because he believed. You are the true God-given.

Answer: 6

The recipient does not need to add any sugar at this time. Because of the sweetness of your love, it can even burn the sweetness of sugar. However, you may feel that this is not yet complete. It is like seeing the moon in a ditch. You are not sure how long you will be able to enjoy those memories with your loved one However, you can say that you are enjoying it now. If he has any problems and does not want you to know, you will surely know nothing. If you are asked if you have ever been his best friend, it depends on your ability. And it has to do with his strength. Is it possible to solve his problem?

Answer: 7
The recipient has the ability to clear you. What is a lowly person? Because being with him was a selfish thing. Self-esteem, self-esteem, So much. If you have something to help you, first of all, thank you. Thank you not Thank you very much for his words. Also, The stickiness is low. He was full of bad taste. The fact that you are dating is not special. It’s because of the super casanova. If you don’t have that, that person won’t even look at you. Also, you will find many of his unknowns in the warehouse. So do not expect her to be her best friend.

Answer: 8

Eight who get his or her last chance of being in the police is 50% = 50%. Your love has been around for a long time and it’s all in place. You know one another. So when we are together, we feel happy. That happiness is a feeling that is neither sweet nor romantic. And to every one that is joined to the other; It is love without lust. So your love is like the love of sugar. The two of you will know each other. You will no longer find a person who can understand you, and he or she will understand you more.

Answer: 9

9. The person who gets it is simply … If you compare your love with sunrise and sunset, Heaven and earth, He was rich and he went down. They are the spirits of hell and hell. So you can’t even understand your own love. It’s just a joke that the two of you can still come up with something more exciting. You both know that. You can’t work together for long. For a brief moment, you may want to leave a lasting impression on your life. You two can’t be the same because you are too deaf. If you both parted ways, you would still be friends.

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