How do you make a vow before offering it?

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It is good to be aware of the work to be done before the ordinance. Without that, there is no place for you. It is important to note the commitment and vows before the speech is properly arranged.

1. From now on, every day, every month, every day, we are determined to give the sacred offerings.

2. In the month of solemn assembly, we must make a vow to recite the sermons from now on as a vow today.

3. Today, we will recite the Dhamma from the Discourses of the Disciples and guard the body of the disciple, the guardian of the spirit, the monk. Housekeeper Street watchers, In each of these departments there is a ward, a ward of the city, and a monk To all the devout spirits, the unseen, the unencumbered and the incomprehensible, they are here.

It is important to note that the Buddha taught the Dhamma to the world, namely, the four Vedas, Vishnu, and Vishnu, and they should hear and hear the Dhamma. Every day, you are invited. There is no need to be invited every day. You will be invited to return to your place of residence for a full month, and once full month, you will be invited to return to your place of residence. (Each day you will be invited daily and will be sent back every day.)

4. The Buddha’s Dhamma is a time of great veneration for the Paliyas, the Pali Pali, and the Burmese translators (as it is said, should be offered as an offering from the Hindu religion).

5. (Loyalty). : Now, once in a month’s recitation, I recite the message of the present day as a vow.

Because of this truth, and because of the power of this message, the power of reciting this message and the power of hearing and hearing, Each time he recites his sermon, he asks for a single reward, for the sake of the good, the good, the good, the good, the good, the good, the good, the good and the good. Keep praying to this one until you have a certain need.

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