Bad news for women with hair dye

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There is no denying that you can be more beautiful because of the hair color. However, the study found that permanent hair loss and chemo-stimulants may contribute to breast cancer. The results were based on an eight-year follow-up study of 50,000 white women and African Americans from the National Institute of Health.

Women who regularly use Permanent hair dyes are 9% more likely to have breast cancer than those who aren’t. It is known that people who use chemical hair straightener every five or eight weeks have a 30% greater risk of developing breast cancer than non-users.

This is because the chemicals in the hair go into the skin. Hair dyes contain over 5,000 chemicals. Some medicines are illegal. Raw materials are obtained from animals and cause cancer. Women who have a hair dye every five or eight weeks have a 60% higher risk of developing breast cancer. Even with the same amount of white pills, white women are only 8% more likely to get breast cancer.

This is because the hair is black because the hair is darker and it has a darker color. The thicker the wood, the stronger the medicine. Temporary hair dyes do not appear to exacerbate the symptoms, researchers say. Lastly, not all hair loss can be attributed to breast cancer.

However, it is often found with carcinogenic chemicals that cause cancer. How long? Depending on how much exposure you have, the likelihood of cancer increases.

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