Tips for everyone who is not in love

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Problems with love; The pain associated with love is of all kinds. No matter what. The same is true when it comes to love, whether rich or poor. So, for everyone who is not in love, they share some interesting facts about love.

1. When I lost, I knew I belonged.

2. Remember what you should remember and forget what you should do. You have to accept that change can and does not change.

3. Tears bring up memories of sadness.

4. It shouldn’t be a tear for him. If he loves you, he will not let your tears flow.

5. The lips of lovers are for warm kisses. The words that come out of the mouths of lovers are hurtful words.

6. Happiness is not what you look for as if it were a search. But it is as if it were forgotten. Happiness is by your side.

7 The temperature of the tear is 530 ℃. At the time of tears, only 53 အေး left.

8 It’s not the same with love. If you want, you can say nothing. But love can’t do that.

9. Life, education, Business Love The average test in four major exams is marriage. Focusing on one thing will not succeed in this life.

10 The fish said, “You won’t have tears in my eyes.” The fish are in the water. The water says, “The little fish that is in the water is in the heart of the water.”

11 Life is a beautiful flower and the scent of those around you must be born.

12. You can know a person within a minute. Within an hour, you can love a person. During the day you can love him. But you will never forget him, even though he spent all his life.

13 If you have a destination, it doesn’t matter where you are. 14 Everything looks from one side to the other.

15 The journey of life is prepared for the believer.

16 If you share the fun, double your happiness.

17 Try to guess the highest and prepare for the worst.

18 Find the time and opportunity that you want to do. Look for excuses for unwanted work.

19 I love you and I love you.

20 We have no rights. The opportunity is before the eyes. There is no courage to restart.

21 No one is saying that you are tired of tasting water, and who will enjoy a peaceful life?

22 If you do not get the love you want, you must love what you have.

23. One day, the sun is shining and the sun is shining. If you have the courage to be balanced when you face something, you will also be happy and happy.

24 If you love yourself, it is best to own what you have, even if you are selfish.

25. Love, openness, love If there is a debate, you must mediate. When you are frustrated, you need to calm down. We must share our happiness.

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