Why did the woman sleep on the left side of her husband?

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If a woman slept on the right side of her husband, would the husband be in a bad position and close the economic ladder to the marriage?

They have to sleep together if they are husband or wife

Women are only allowed to sleep on the left side of the husband But why do women have the right to sleep on the left side of their husbands? In fact, some women prefer the side of the wall to the side of the bed.

As a husband and wife leaning on this side, they can sleep safely and securely. If a woman sleeps on the right side of the man, the male’s arm of glory is not merely a matter of mind, nor is it inferior. If you have a low self-esteem, don’t think low, don’t think a little. I think it will be quite complicated

Of course, this “thought” is only inferior to that idea It is usually caused by disaster. If you feel inferior, you have no idea what is good. It causes unpleasant feelings and feelings to hurt people. It is a poor mental quality

Even if you kill a person, you cannot kill yourself. The answer to why women are allowed to go home on the left is to be very gentle. If you are married then you will want to sleep on your left side, and you will want to lie in your arms.

In fact, it represents love on the left. He wants to put his beloved wife in the position of his heart so close to his heart that he begins to listen. It is true that women are to sleep in the warmth of their bosoms while listening to their loved ones’ bouts of music.

Nirvana is the only thing that can be attained in life and you can only take it for granted. Let’s take a moment to relax and sleep in the bosom of your loved one in the bosom of our loved one and let us sleep for the future.

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