Natural Ways to Clean the Lungs

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I would like to share some natural ways to improve lung health.

Air pollution; Smoking in the environment Substances that cause secondhand smoke and lead to lung problems can lead to long-term health problems. That’s why we want to share some of the natural ways that can help lung health.

(1) Breathe in steam

Putting white tea in a large bowl and inhaling steam can help remove the impurities in the lungs, as well as help with coughs and coughs and respiratory problems.

(2) Drink green tea

Tea Green Tea contains rich in antioxidants, which can cause inflammation, pneumonia and inflammation. Smoking can reduce the health problems caused by smoking. Researchers say that drinking two cups of green tea a day can reduce the risk of lung problems.

3. Eat foods that support lung health

Green leafy vegetables that promote lung health Olive oil Nuts and peels. Eat more foods such as beans and lentils.

4.Exercise regularly

Exercise should be beneficial not only for the appearance of the body but also for the health of the body.

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