Six Speeches

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Whether you and your mother-in-law live together; If you are not comfortable with the situation, you and your husband may feel overwhelmed. What people need is sweetness. It’s easier to talk to each other than to talk about things that are not good at all.

Anyway, the resolution was much better. So, let’s share with the audience what kind of words to focus on. May you be well with your mother-in-law.

1. My mom was always looking young

One of these words is that the people who are told it are satisfied. Men say it all, but they love it. If you talk to your mother-in-law, you need to be extra careful. We need to be able to say that it doesn’t just multiply. For example, I always look back on my mom. If you go with your daughter now, you might even feel too old to look at yourself.

2. Motherhood is good to eat

The words are: If you meet a chef and say goodbye to him, he will not be too pleased to add even more when you come back. Also, if the guest is at home, the woman is fine. Anyone can appreciate that it’s better than the restaurant. If the mother-in-law cooks at her mother-in-law’s house, she does not have a bad taste or bad taste.

3. No matter what it looks like

This is a good thing for a mom to wear when she is wearing a new mom-in-law shirt. If we choose a dress once, we can be thin. It is a good idea to look at what you are wearing.

4. The granddaughter stayed with her grandmother all the time

After a long break I didn’t bring my mother in law. At times like this, my mother-in-law would always come to my grandmother to tell her grandma that she would go to the grandmother’s house before leaving home. We do a good job of writing and writing. After the letters, she would send her to her grandmother every week, and her mother-in-law was relieved.

5. Yes, she said

Even if your mother-in-law gives you an opinion about anything, do not respond first. She didn’t even think about it when she said it. But your daughter is thinking about it, so do your mother, too.

6 They buy very well

Tell your mother-in-law who has come back to the store to buy something. For example, even if you buy a vegetable, the mother buys it fresh, and she never gets as blind as she does. I don’t know if the mother wants to pay more for the mother because she likes it too.

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