Natural remedies that help reduce leg fracture in a short amount of time

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Most people think that the body is dehydrated when the foot breaks. But for some other reason, he also has a broken ankle.

6 Weight gain

As weight gain increases, stress increases in the legs. The sole of the foot is no longer moisturized, and the sole breaks. Maintaining a healthy weight will also help to reduce leg strain.

5. Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin C contains vitamins and minerals in the body. When minerals and other nutrients are low, the skin becomes dry and rough. Therefore, vitamin A, B3, C, E, zinc, and omega-3s should be included.

4. Shoes selection

Shoes that are not closed Sneaking around in soles is a good thing for long shoes. The slippers are the most comfortable.

3. Blood pressure

In some women, after the menopause, the skin and skin of the body may become inflamed. You can use an estrogen cream.

2. Long standing standing

When standing for long periods of time, you may feel pressure on your feet.

1. Incorrect shower pattern

Bathing in hot water for a long time can reduce the skin’s natural fat. Using a lot of detergent and rubbing on the leg also damages the skin. It is best to keep warm with warm water.

Mix two cups of water in a stand and soak the legs for 15 minutes. When rubbed, you can rub your legs with foam. After that, wash your feet with hot water and dry them with some cloth.

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